Crazy about motor cycles! Yet confused on what to buy! Then check out check out the most incredible motor cycle spree for the year 2016.  As you are well aware that electric cars are rocking the consumer market as their demand is rising.

Electric motor cycles are plug – in electric vehicles with two to three wheels powered by electricity. With virtually no maintenance electric motor cycles are truly a new revolution in the two wheeler market.

Apart from electric cars, there is huge market for electric motor cycles. There are few handpicked ones that one gets bowled over and gets tempted to get one. So hold your breath to get the divine experience of 4 incredible electric motor cycles.

Electric Motor Cycles 20161. LS 218: Lightning motorcycles claim that this is piece is their fastest production motorcycle in the world. The Company stated that when this electric motor cycle is setup and equipped properly it is capable of reaching rocket speed of 218 miles per hour – which is recorded as the massive speed in the history of motor cycles. In case there are no high speed runs, the bike covers the 100 miles of range.

Zero SR2. Zero SR: Another electric motor cycle that grasps the attention of every onlooker instantly is the zero SR bike. It is a high tech bike that has the capacity to deliver the same thrill as an equivalent gas powered bike. Though can put extra weight on your pocket this vehicle is worth a try. It has an insane amount of torque, claimed range of 150 plus miles and a top speed of 102 miles per hour and it can do zero to 60 in just fraction of 3.3 seconds.

This motor cycle also have an application that can be used to track battery charge status along with energy usage stats from the bike. Also this app can be incorporated to program the bike’s driving modes and performance configurations.

Energico Ego
3. Energico Ego: Italian beauty is certainly block buster in the arena of electric motor cycles. This two wheeled beauty has good mileage of 150 miles per hour and can travel almost 60 miles and can do zero to 60 in flat unimaginable 3 seconds. Though not affordable as the Zero SR but if one wants to corner something European that really looks part then this Energico Ego is the undisputed best option to go for.

Alta Motors Red shift SM
4. Alta Motors Red shift SM: Alta Motors red shift SM is fabricated to perform and perform with a difference. This motor cycle does not poses the looks of other flair motor cycles viz. Zero SR and Energica Ego but still this vehicle is worth the choice as it has claimed range of 50 miles and top speed of 85 miles per hour.
Also this vehicle does not put extra pressure on your pockets as it is the vehicle with low cost option blended with fun quotient.

This bike is straight forward, simple, durable, electric bike that is certainly built to perform.

Electric motor cycles and scooters are generation next vehicles and are here to stay for long. Two wheeler market has accepted this change and is ready to rock the acumen.  For more info Visits:- Trontek Electronics Pvt Ltd.

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