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E- Rickshaw Battery: A New Opportunity for Battery Supplier

E – Rickshaw battery is new opportunity for battery suppliers and for small entrepreneurs. All those small business houses; that are doing their small businesses can gear up to make some profit. It is suitable for small ventures like battery supplier to invest in E-rickshaw. The reasons being: No doubt because of growing demand there […]

What a best UPS battery must have?

UPS batteries are the boon during power outages. They provide continuous power supply to lap tops and personal computers. Electronic devices like computers always need uninterrupted power supply. Computers are also required during surgical operations and UPS gives continuous power supply to machines so that surgical process is not interrupted in case of sudden power […]

How to determine amount of Sulfuric acid in Forklift Battery

Forklift battery is a lead acid battery that has the same construction of automotive and truck batteries. Sulfuric acid is used to activate the cells of the battery and it is with the help of this acid electric current is provided. It is same as car’s lead acid battery. Only difference is that it is […]