Trontek takes pride in being one of the most reputed Companies that imports and exports spectrum of batteries, capacitors, resistors and diodes. The Company leaves no stones unturned to introduce world class state of art products that adhere to highest quality standards.

Why Trontek batteries are rated as the best? The Company with its experience and expertise tables in car batteries that give excellent performance bundled with mighty power, authentic design, robust start up ability and workmanship.

Now let us see as to why Trontek batteries are rated as the best and why they are in huge demand:

Best Car Batteries in India

  1. Batteries from Trontek have the ability of to startup vehicles easily even under the temperature of -30°C.
  2. All the batteries are maintenance free. In other words, they require no maintenance.
  3. Batteries are specially designed with special circulation mechanism
  4. Have fine purity and calcium alloy
  5. It is infused with infinitesimal water volatilization and thus has longer life span
  6. It has outstanding startup performance and low water volatilization
  7. Very low self discharge rate
  8. Good anti vibration performance
  9. The batteries adhere to all the needs and expectations of the user
  10. The batteries can be charged, discharged and startup for over 5000 times comparatively longer time than the normal ones.

When it comes to performance, Trontek batteries they showcase excellent performance with robust power and great start up ability design and workmanship. The Company with its innovative and updated methods sees to it that all the car batteries have automotive performance on high rate discharging and thus vehicles can start up easily with Trontek automotive battery even under an extreme temperature.

The batteries have high capacity and are environmental friendly. They are designed in tune to the international standards and ensure adequate power supply to the vehicle.

The amp ratings of the battery are perfect for extreme weather and below freezing point. In other words Trontek batteries will start most cars in below freezing point as it has higher CCA( cold cranking amps) as such batteries are capable of starting  a vehicle in cold weather. CCA is the measurement of it’s amperage output in 0 degree weather.

Also Trontek batteries are less likely to fail under extreme heat due to a fully sealed container resulting in less water loss from the battery. The Company very well understands the importance of quality and customer satisfaction so it procures each and every raw material from manufacturers who have established a benchmark for themselves in the global scenario.

Every personnel in the scalar chain have in depth knowledge and state of art known how blended with expertise so that they come out with superior quality batteries. In other words the Company is committed to supply quality products at most economical rates to the clients.

Being the providers of best car batteries Trontek ensures that quality is not compromised on any front. With the motto of quality is perfection, the company tables in car batteries that are best and superior in every manner and that will appeal the end users in total.

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