Motorcycles are rough on batteries and if you have extreme climatic condition, it is certain that battery will drain quickly. However if proper care and caution is taken the life of motorcycle batteries can be extended for several years.

Here are few tips for long life of motor cycle battery: smf-battery-india

1. Use the right motor cycle battery: Corner the battery that fits best in your motor cycle. In other words most of the motor cycles are not compatible with every battery. Using wrong battery will definitely cut short the life of the battery. It is better to use only those batteries that meet your motor cycle’s specifications. Replacement of batteries should be in tune to the original one. For e.g. If you have maintenance free battery, it should be replaced by maintenance free battery only.

2. Always buy battery with the extended lifespan. These batteries though are more expensive than standard batteries but if they are maintained properly they last two or three times longer.

3. Keep the battery charged: The best way to extend life of the motorcycle battery is to keep it fully charged all the times. Keeping the battery full is not difficult as if you ride your bike daily the bike itself keeps the battery sufficiently charged but if you take long breaks from riding then you have to keep it on trickle charger. Always make use of only that charger that is specifically designed for motorcycle as if you make use of charger that is meant for car you may eventually end up damaging the battery or preventing it from charging.

4. When you are charging the battery make sure to open the vent caps. Otherwise flammable gases may build up which could explode under the right conditions. Also check the vent tube is working properly and is unobstructed.

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5. Always follow maintenance schedule: For long life of battery, it is better to follow a maintenance schedule. Apart from keeping the battery fully charged one should follow the maintenance schedule properly as doing so will extend the battery’s life. Go for maintenance schedule given from the battery manufacture.

6. Proper handling of battery: When disconnecting the battery, disconnect the negative terminal first and place the battery on the clean even surface in a well ventilated place. Verify the battery terminals for corrosion and in case there is corrosion clean the terminals with wire brush. Also check the electrolyte levels on a conventional battery. And if the battery needs to be refilled always go for distilled water and add this water until the plates are completely submerged. Replace the caps securely and tightly and be sure to test battery with a voltmeter or hydrometer to make sure that it is working properly.

If proper care and precaution is taken motor cycle batteries have lifespan of several years. It is better to follow the recommended safety guidelines so as to avoid serious injuries from fire, explosions or leaking acid. Also on hand one can save money and on the other there will be less breakdown of motor cycle at mistimed moments.

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