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How to determine amount of Sulfuric acid in Forklift Battery

Forklift battery is a lead acid battery that has the same construction of automotive and truck batteries. Sulfuric acid is used to activate the cells of the battery and it is with the help of this acid electric current is provided. It is same as car’s lead acid battery. Only difference is that it is […]

Greener Battery Technology by MIT scientists

Today technology has advanced to reach sky limits. Newer techniques have been evolved to make our life easy and stress free. One such recent invention is of Greener battery by MIT scientists. Also as pollution is becoming threat to environment, every new invention is tested whether it is environment friendly or not. A presidium of […]

The Hidden Truth of SMF Batteries Distributors India

Powerful performance of your car is dependent on its battery. If the battery fails to perform in excellent ways then it would be very difficult for the engine of a car to pick up and deliver desired performance. One should choose the battery manufacturers, importers and suppliers, which are dedicated to offer performance oriented batteries. […]

Instant Solutions To Car Battery In Step by Step Detail

Car batteries serve has heartbeats to the vehicle. If they fail or breakdown, then it is not imaginable to catch the desired speed and pace. This is the reason that everyone, who drives a car needs to know the instant solutions to car batteries. It is understood that problems come uninvited and you need to […]