E – Rickshaw battery is new opportunity for battery suppliers and for small entrepreneurs. All those small business houses; that are doing their small businesses can gear up to make some profit.
It is suitable for small ventures like battery supplier to invest in E-rickshaw.

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The reasons being:

No doubt because of growing demand there are many e-rickshaw manufacturers all around the country and government is also promoting petrol and diesel free vehicles to reduce and combat pollution issues. Many people opt for this mode as the method of transportation is better, especially in polluted environment and it has emerged as better option to substitute and decrease pollution. Also with increase in demand of e- rickshaws, the demand of batteries also rises and this provides scope for battery manufacturers.

Also manufacturing E-rickshaw battery does not require heavy investment and this being eco friendly vehicle will be given special preference by the planners and the government in all the areas.  It is the vehicle of common masses and thus it has more demand and acceptance.

E-rickshaw battery manufacturing has great scope of growth as the business will get support and required assistance from the government. A proposal of loan required for setting up E-rickshaw battery manufacturing plant will be passed instantly and that too with lower interest rate and flexible norms.

Recent reports suggested that e- vehicles will soon become main stream and our country policy makers and automobile manufacturers are pumping in huge amounts of money into promoting e- vehicles to achieve safe and clean environment. All these aspects provide room for booming of e-rickshaw battery manufacturing business to new heights.

As per figures, India saw 37.5 per cent growth in sale of E- vehicles in 2015-16 and government is aiming to make India a 100 per cent e-vehicle nation by the year 2030. All these figures paint a very optimistic picture for future of e-vehicle batteries in India.

There have been trending innovations in battery technology that promises light weight, compact and affordable batteries –

Lithium- ion batteries – that currently dominate the market and automobile giants like Tesla and Nissan have invested heavily in this technology.

Solid state batteries: It epitomizes game changing technology as they provide very long shelf life and do away the need for bulky and expensive cooling mechanisms. Aluminum- ion batteries: Promise high performance at lower costs. A safe alternative for many commercial batteries. With high charge storage capacity, and can withstand more than 7,500 cycles without any loss of capacity.

Lithium– sulphur batteries – Known for high mechanical strength and safety. They offer high energy density and a lower cost than Lithium ion batteries. Low cyclability, caused by expansion and harmful reactions with electrolyte is major downside of this battery.

Metal air batteries: Receiving good attention from automobile sector as it uses cathode; that reduces weight drastically.

With above options of e- batteries, this acumen is gaining importance and becoming booming industry in India for:

  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Reduced dependence on crude oil imports
  • Support “Make in India”
  • Builds up new technology knowledge hub in the country.Undoubtedly, with tremendous support from the government, good for creating pollution free environment and economical, E-rickshaw battery is truly a new opportunity for battery supplier.

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