With increase in demand for UPS batteries, as per research the Indian Inverter market is expected to catapult to new heights by the year 2019. This automatically will lead to increase in demand for UPS batteries.

So what are the reasons for such leap in demand of inverters? India is a developing country, but even today there are many villages, states which face huge power shortage especially during summers. This low availability of high quality power, expansion of industries and increase standard of living of the masses are the main factors and the driving force for escalated demand for inverters.

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As per one research analysis, India has growing demand of UPS batteries because of rising demand on account of demand and supply gap in electric power supply, expansion of industries and rising income levels of consumers. Higher standard of living of the majority of masses, who opt of many electric appliances like micro waves, heaters etc to ease their living has also caused the problem of inadequate electricity thus resulting in power shortage. This inadequate power supply will drive consumers to opt for inverters so that they can cope up shortage. Another reason for power shortage is growt of industrial sector and the supply of high quality of power expansion of IT sector, banking, Pharma and SMB segments.

Indian market is highly fragmented with dominance of few major players who have captured majority of market share and the market segmentation of UPS batteries is usually made on the basis of technology, market share, capacity, region, Imports, exports and macroeconomic parameters.

The UPS market of India is growing and competitive where in both multinational and Indian suppliers are striving for space. The competitiveness in the market is intensifying with barriers to entry of new participants especially in 20KVA power range decreasing.

The cheaper rates of imports from China and Taiwan and rising prices of raw materials in India is the biggest challenge UPS manufacturers face. The increase in battery prices along with rising man power costs has resulted in UPS suppliers struggling to maintain their margins.

Different end users have varied specific applications and thus there is required for product customization to suit the varied requirements of every user. Thus suppliers who offer customized UPS solutions to the end users will survive and sustain higher growth rates in this cut throat competitive market.

Also the UPS market manufacturers have to face considerable amount of price pressure and this presence of large number of unorganized suppliers with lower priced product offerings has resulted in stiff competition in both domestic and other segment.
The decrease in tolerance of Indian masses for long power cuts in rural and semi urban areas has increased the demand of UPS batteries. The Indian consumers are aware of benefits of using good quality inverters and with expansion of purchasing power on majority of masses the demand of Inverters is expected to soar high in India in near future thus resulting in increased demand for UPS batteries. Trontek battery importer india

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