Battery is the spine of your E-rickshaw, an important part of the vehicle which makes it to move from one place to another. It is the battery that your recharge and give momentum to your e-rickshaw. Battery is therefore responsible for good performance and long life of your E-rickshaw.

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Regular maintenance and care of the battery is very vital. Its regular maintenance paves way for its effective operation and longer life span.

Here are some vital tips for maintaining your E-rickshaw batteries:

1. See that the space where you install the battery in E-rickshaw is well ventilated and has space for passage of air. Battery gets heated up during charging and operation. An airy place reduces the heating up of the battery and it reduces the water topping requirement.

2. Prior to installation, battery must be used on regular basis.  It is better to discharge the battery once in every month and then recharge it.

3. Check for the water level of the battery every two months and see to it that water level is maintained between the maximum and minimum water limit. Always top the battery with distilled water. Never use tap water or rain water as it contains excess amount of minerals and impurities that will affect the life and performance of the battery.

4. Always keep the surface and sides of the battery clean and dust free. Make use of cotton cloth to clean the surface.

5. Keep the terminal of the battery corrosion and rust free. In case terminal gets corroded pour mixture of hot water and baking soda in the corrosive part or just use tooth brush for cleaning. Doing such will remove the corrosion and once the terminals become corrosion free, apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on to the terminal, nuts and bolts to avoid future corrosion. Both rusting and corrosion are bad for battery performance. Rusting in terminals reduces the flow of current to and from the battery and such restricted flow of current makes the charging of battery slow that ultimately reduces life of battery.

6. Vents around the battery should be dust free and open as blocked vents leads to accumulation of hydrogen gas that may further lead to bursting of the battery.

7. Replace the battery if it is dead or damaged and keep kids away while installing battery in the E-rickshaw.
8. Inspect the battery regularly so that you can get idea of its condition and you will also be well aware if these are damaged or not.

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