Uninterrupted power supply is the device that allows a computer to keep running for some time in case the primary power source is lost. It also provides protection from power fluctuations.

So what is UPS all about Say you are working on your computer and suddenly there is power cut and your computer turns off and your screen and Behold! You wish you clicked the save button so that your important work was saved but you failed to do so and you have to redo your work all again when powers gets restored back. And in case of your have a laptop or tablet, you have backup battery for some time in these appliances but still when power goes your other devices like internet connection goes off and you wish that devices would stay on for little while but power cut makes it impossible for all the devices to work.

ups battery supplier indiaInstead of wooing over power cuts or failures one can opt for solution that manages your computer and other terminals even in power cuts and that magical device is UPS or Uninterruptible power supply or power back up unit.

This unit has special circuitry that detects a power failure and quickly switches over to run your equipment on its battery in case the power goes off. The main purpose to go for UPS is to save the important work and to shut down the computer using proper procedure.

Certain things that are to be kept in mind before cornering correct UPS:

  • Based on your requirements select the UPS as many units provide at least eight plugs. Inexpensive options will be dear to your pocket but will have the capacity to provide battery backup for four to six outlets and leaving the rest unpowered. In case you are using wired data connections go for the UPS that provides protection for all including old fashioned modem and newer Ethernet connections.
  • Figure out the consumption of everything that needs to power as if the devices need more power than UPS then they will go dead even if the battery has plenty of charge. In case you want to connect UPS to desktop PC, then add together wattage of computer and monitor to calculate the power consumption.
  • Understand how long you will want a UPS to power the devices you connected it by adding together the wattage they draw and then referring product’s runtime. Based on your requirement you corner your UPS choice.
  • UPS is much more than just acting and providing power to the appliances when power goes out. It has more features than this like disconnecting battery notifications, USB connectivity and software suit; which can be controlled through PC to fine settings to see the exact power consumption. So if you get UPS with additional features for the same amount then why not go for it.
  • Check the warranty period: Check the warranty period and the terms of warranty. Terms of warranty may vary but most offer product warranty and equipment warranty that guarantees to reimburse the value of the devices destroyed by UPS failure.

UPS is the protective device of the equipment in case power fluctuates or goes off. Good understanding of this will enable the user to corner the best UPS based on the requirements and usage.

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