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Indian UPS batteries market is projected to grow and has many major players are pouring in new state of art products to meet the ever-changing demands of the clients. Also, low availability of power, expansion of industries and increasing levels of consumer’s income levels are some of contributions for high demand of UPS batteries in India.

Battery market in India commands a certain branding power on account of being duopoly in nature with top players’ viz. Exide industries and Amaron both controlling up to 90% of the organized battery market.

Also, there is gradual rise in the awareness among the country’s population pertaining to the benefits and the need of good quality inverters. The market is projected to catapult to new heights by the end of year 2019. Few top players have strong hold in the market followed by brand loyalty of the clients and undoubtedly among the top five in the list:

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1. Exide: Undoubtedly Exide takes pride in being at the top most position among UPS battery sellers in India. With a trust and reputation of making good quality batteries, Exide has succeeded in capturing mammoth of market. It’s version with storage capacity of about 150ah is in great demand and is more suitable for any type of 12V inverter. Exide tubular batteries use high pressure ‘Hadi’ casting process at 100 bar, while most other manufacturers use gravity of low pressure casting process and these batteries can also operate at extreme high temperatures and are used in high cyclic applications. IN1000 plus 100AH battery has 12V with capacity 100AH and lead battery type provides longer functional with low maintenance, IT500 150AH battery with capacity 150AH, uses Ironclad tubular technology that offers extremely thick tubular plates for better ampere hours and power back up performance.

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2. Amaron: only Company, besides Exide and Luminous that produces best and highest quality batteries for inverters. These batteries have high heat tolerance; that is best suited for Indian weather conditions. It has high reserve capacity and comes with factory charged. Charging of this battery is fast and easy. It also requires less maintenance and also lead reserve of the battery is low. It’s version Quanta is not just another UPS battery, but a UPS with a backup for a backup. All the batteries of Amaron have features like maintenance free, steady performance and longer functional life. It’s Pro 74AH has 74AH capacity with 12V voltage and automative battery. FTA150 150AH has 150AH capacity, 12V voltage and lead acid battery are in huge demand.

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3. Trontek: Next in the queue is Trontek battery; the Company that has emerged as a reputed player to become India’s premier importer and distributor of ISO 9001:2008. The Company imports and distributes a wide range of best quality batteries all across the nation. The Company takes pride in being fast and reliable battery importer, that supplies batteries of all types be it industrial, motorcycle ones and E- bike batteries at affordable rates. Uses oxygen recombination technology for maintenance free and lasting for long period of time. It is also equipped with superior quality AGM separator that extends life cycle for keeping UPS batteries from occurring micro short circuit.

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4. Microtek: With special specifications like long lifespan, low discharge rate and leak proof, these batteries have gained the position among top battery suppliers. It is one battery; that has Hadi tubular technology. With good storage power this battery gives longer backup option and good performance. Also Microtek battery uses swift recharge formulation techniques and is awarded as No.1 brand in India in 2016. UPS operates from standard voltage range from 100V to 300V and narrow voltage range from 180 V to 260V for running computers and sensitive appliances.

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5. Luminous: It is a pioneer name in the arena of UPS batteries and is the most preferred brand in India. It offers spectrum of UPS and battery Combo. All the batteries are manufactured in state of art factories and are continuously upgraded and improved by team of R&D scientists based on customer’s feedback. The batteries are manufactured using extra thick plates ensuring long life, they are made with special alloy to provide very low battery maintenance and inter partition connection for good voltage profile on discharge all these features makes Luminous batteries the most preferred ones among the patrons. Tubular batteries with capacity 7AH to 200AH with capacity 12V comes with acid lead battery, DC/AC and dry charged and normal batteries are available in 120Ah, 150Ah, 180 Ah, 200 AH and 220 Ah with 8 –10 hours backup time and 10kw output type.

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