For a change ride in E rickshaw and one will realize that it is not only economical but also it is environment friendly. Also it is economically better than auto rickshaw and other fuel variants. As these rickshaws are battery powered they have zero emissions and thus they are better off than other fuel operated rickshaws.

The batteries of E rickshaws are lead acid and they provide low cost alternative. However larger the battery adversely reduces the mileage of the vehicle.

E rickshaw batteries

The year 2016 saw some fantastic experiences of E rickshaw batteries that are as follows:

1. The E rickshaw batteries have been developed to have longer life span in such a manner that they can be charged, discharged and start up for over 5000 times in comparison to normal batteries.
2. They have become more powerful and robust
3. E rickshaw batteries have low maintenance capacity
4. They have bottom lock shock absorber that locks lower part of battery and increases life cycle and safety.
5. E rickshaw batteries have been designed with patented state of art technology that prevents spillage of electrolyte
6. Many have advanced hybrid technology so that out of the box performance is enabled and batteries have longer life span.
7. This year also saw introduction of  double clad separation that makes the battery vibration resistant
8. New and modern e batteries are maintenance free and have good purity lead calcium alloy
9. Lower water volatilization
10. Good start up performance
11. Very low discharge rate
12. Superb anti vibration performance

E rickshaw batteries india

Because of umpteen numbers of advantages, E rickshaw manufacturing arena is on rise and transport department of Delhi is planning to launch cheaper battery operated E rickshaws on road.

As E rickshaw batteries are getting more and more popular these days manufacturers take into account all the possible points in mind with view of viewers and their requirements and come out with best state of art e rickshaw batteries that appeal to the users instantly.

The makers fabricate batteries using innovative and modern technology so that the e rickshaws stand up to every test including long life span and reliability. As economies of production and modern methods of technology are used, e-rickshaw batteries are produced at most economical rates.

India provides good market for E rickshaw batteries. As its popularity is growing, its demand also is increasing leading to equal increase in the production. The year 2016 saw good experience for e rickshaw like flexibility in government policies and easy acceptance by people as safe means of transport, the demand of E rickshaw batteries are going to soar high in near future.

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