When it comes to car batteries people often get confused about which one to buy as they have little or no idea about the technical details of the battery. It is advisable to have prior basic knowledge of the batteries to ensure the expert care.

There are different car batteries that are specially designed for the automotive use.

Following are the different Car Batteries:

flooded car battery

1. Wet cell or the flooded battery: These are the lead acid batteries meant for automotive use. It has two famous versions viz. starting lights ignition (SLI) or the starting battery or the deep cycle –marine battery. These batteries are serviceable and should be checked on routine basis; however there are maintenance free wet cell batteries as well.

SLI battery: These batteries are designed to start your car with fast short bursts of energy in order to start the engine. There is huge lead plate count but thinner to cover more surface area and have custom material. Most automobiles are manufactured with a generic SLI battery from the factory.

Deep cycle battery: These batteries will last longer and are manufactured for long term energy delivery. Energy bursts are not strong as SLI battery due to the fact that the lead plates are thicker ad can endure many deep cycle charge and discharges

Acid battery VRLA

2. Valve regulated leadacid battery (VRLA):  These are the sealed batteries with no venting of gases. They are applicable for use in small spaces with no ventilation and are great when stored because they are sealed. These batteries do not leak or release hydrogen gas and are considered safest. The only drawback is that these batteries are sealed leaving them unserviceable. VRLA batteries are of two types :

Gel cell: It is considered a VRLA battery and is manufactured with a gellified electrolyte. Gel batteries are great resistance to heat climate, spillage, physical shock and electrolyte evaporation. Gel batteries function like a wet cell battery, except they are sealed and dry.

Absorbed glass Mat (AGM): An AGM battery is also considered a VRLA battery and is manufactured with the electrolyte held in glass mats. These glass mats are very thin fibers in the battery and are combined together to form the electrolyte absorbed glass mat. AGM batteries also work just like wet battery, without spilling of battery acid and are sealed.

Also car batteries are identified on the basis of sizes:

Car batteries are identified on the basis of group size that indicates actual, physical size as well as the polarity. This group size allows the vehicle manufacturer to take the battery size into consideration when designing the car, truck, SUV and other vehicles.

One group size is side post batteries that have cable ends that screw into the side of the battery. These group sizes are 70, 74, 75 and 78. Other size is the International style batteries where the top positions are suspended in the corners. These batteries have group size 41, 42, 47, 48 and 49.

Another kind of battery is the group size with standard or top post battery fitments. They are the most commonly used battery. They are easy to replace. It is vital to make use of proper group size of car battery so that the battery stays secure in the vehicle battery tray.

Car battery is one of the vital components in the vehicle to make it run. It supplies large amount of electric current for starter engine and other electronic accessories. It also recharges and stores energy from the car’s alternator. So it is mandatory to select the best car battery suiting the vehicle needs and climatic conditions.

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