Battery is the heart and soul of your UPS system. They are the most vital component in the reliability of any UPS as they are the very reason for function of the UPS set up. But they face three fundamental challenges:

1. Charging:

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All the batteries need charging, but extended charging significantly shortens battery life. Most of the batteries are charged using trickle charging process, a process that has constant voltage feeding a low current to the battery. And this method dries up the electrolyte and corrodes the plates, reduces life up to 50%.  UPS Battery India.

2. Batteries take time to recharge:

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If power cut is for longer time, UPS batteries get discharged and not recharge until the power returns. And in case there is power failure even before the batteries are charged, UPS will not have full backup time. Overly rapid charging can cause premature battery failure and the best and the safest trick is to charge the battery at the fastest rate.

3.  All the batteries fail eventually:

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UPS batteries cannot provide the user advanced notice that they are going to fail and should be replaced. They are valve regulated sealed lead acid and so they have no practical way to provide the user with any meaningful notice that they need to be replaced. Earlier only way to know that the batteries are dead and to be replaced is when power fails and takes the computer down with it. Normally UPS batteries require two to three years replacement.

Battery is most unsafe and failure part of UPS system. You must replace the batteries if they drain out or are dead. There are certain requirements to ensure that UPS do not fail often:

Temperature: As most of UPS use lead acid batteries, one of the most common causes is premature failure of temperature. If the temperature of the battery is maintained between 19°C and 22°C as below 19°C, there will be under performance of the batteries and above 22°C there will be result in increased battery capacity but reduced life of battery.

Overheating: High battery temperatures can be caused by both surrounding temperature of the environment in which they are stored and the heat generated by batteries themselves. Also, when discharging batteries absorb heat but when batteries charge they give off heat and it is vital to ensure that cooling system maintains optimum temperature of the battery.

Discharge cycles: One of the major factors that reduce the life of the battery is number of discharge cycles. The amount of energy that a battery delivers during discharge has direct impact on reduction of battery life and constant discharging will cause them to reach their end of life prematurely.   Battery importers in delhi

Maintenance: UPS batteries require regular maintenance and even maintenance free batteries need to be inspected to see whether there is corrosion buildup or leaks and the terminal connections are tight and without any kind of maintenance your batteries will have shorter life.

Load sizing: If the battery is undersized for load, run time and life expectancy of the battery will be shortened and

to combat it the only requirement is to verify sizing with load and runtime calculator to ensure you have properly sized battery bank for your current load.

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