UPS batteries are the boon during power outages. They provide continuous power supply to lap tops and personal computers. Electronic devices like computers always need uninterrupted power supply. Computers are also required during surgical operations and UPS gives continuous power supply to machines so that surgical process is not interrupted in case of sudden power failure.

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UPS systems may be necessary in situations where there are power fluctuations or cuts regularly occurs as they can provide backup power circuitry that keeps vital systems operational in case the power supply is interrupted. If there are short fluctuations or voltage disruption, UPS can maintain continuous power to keep loads running and in case electrical failure occurs, UPS has the caliber to activate reserve power to keep systems operating until they can be safely shut down. Also, UPS systems reduce risk of posed by harmonic disruptions and line transients.

Today UPS must equipment in homes and work places to combat power back up supply and to ensure power supply amidst power blackouts and failures. There are many UPS batteries available in the market and to select the best one, one has to be aware of its features which are – UPS is source of power and source of regulator:

1. Functions as a power regulator: One of the main principle factors of these batteries is that they possess the caliber to function as power controller and regulator.  Power cuts and fluctuations are normal nowadays. And such fluctuations bring about permanent harm to the electronic machines and gadgets. UPS batteries control and restrain the measure of voltage that is to be supplied to computers and other electronic machines.

2. Functions as source of power: Another important aspect of UPS battery is that it gives power backup source. These batteries are revived when there is power supply and at the point when there is power cut these batteries offer the power by discharging to power to the gadgets and enable them to remain in working condition without getting affected by power cuts. Big UPS batteries can offer power for longer time span but they need lot of time to get charged up.

Here are few tips to find out whether UPS has all the essential features:

1. Regulated output voltage with low harmonic distortion unaffected by input voltage or load changes

2. An input current with reduced harmonic distortion

3. A low degree of electronic interference and acoustic noise

4. Minimal transition times between normal and backup operations

5. High levels of reliability and efficiency

6. Relatively low cost, weight and size requirements

7. Voltage regulation is another vital feature when low voltage conditions prevails

Although most individual power supply system cannot provide all these features together, it is better to go for UPS with the features best suited to your application’s needs. There are various UPS based for industrial use, medical use, military operations, that are designed and developed to suit the specific requirements.

One can find UPS in diverse structures and mark in market. Some of UPS are utilized for residential purpose where as there are other that are apt for mechanical and business purposes. It is vital to select the right kind of UPS, based on the requirements to guarantee continuous power supply.

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