Sealed maintenance free battery is the sealed ones that require no addition of water. The electrolyte used is in the form of gel which fills the cavity of plates. This battery is preferred as compared to the acid batteries for various reasons. Lead batteries give out lead fumes that pollute the surrounding air to a great extent and this air when you breathe will cause great damage to your health and also will affect the health of your family members.

SMF battery india

Lead acid batteries emit harmful fumes when they are charged. The lead plates in the battery react with acid and the water in the process of storing electricity. These heats up the battery and the lead fumes are emitted into the atmosphere thus causing harm to the health and the environment.

Also SMF batteries does not contain any liquid that will spill out of the battery breaks, unlike flooded rechargeable batteries. Also the main advantage is that the electrolyte inside is completely absorbed in the separator and does not require water to be added. Also it does not require frequent maintenance or ventilation.
SMF batteries have also the capacity to resist different climatic conditions in the better manner as compared to the lead acid batteries. These batteries also tend to charge faster and have shorter recharge time than flooded lead acid ones.

Also these batteries are safer than the acid ones.

Other advantages like

1. Low cost
2. Reliable
3. Has robust tolerant to abuse and overcharging
4. Low internal impedance
5. Can deliver high currents
6. Indefinite shelf life if stored without electrolyte
7. No maintenance is required
8. As they are sealed these batteries do not emit any fumes and hence can be very well installed next to electric equipment. Also they can be housed in closed enclosure if the need arise.
9. They also do not require any hassles of checking specific gravity, adding of water, acid etc.
10. These batteries are equipped with safe low pressure venting system that automatically releases excess gas in case the gas rises to a level above the normal rate ensuring no excessive build up of gas in the batteries.
11. SMF batteries are equipped with safe, low pressure venting system that operates automatically releasing excess gas in case the gas pressure rises to a level above the normal rate ensuring no excessive buildup of gas batteries.
12. It can be shipped in charged conditions so that it can be ready for use
13. It is user friendly

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