Trontek motorcycle batteries are the India’s leading brand and are suited over 90% of motorcycles at manufacture. Over the long run, we have supplied more batteries for manufacturers than all other battery manufacturers combined. Being the renowned importers and distributors of motorcycle batteries, we strive to surpass the needs of our manufacturers with advanced technology to satisfy the demanding needs of their motorcycles. They overwhelmingly choose Trontek when they want the best. Some great features and benefits with our SMF battery include;

• Made of lead calcium alloy and applied absorbed glass mat technology
• Complete maintenance-free operation
• No leakage, no spills and no water to check
• Superior, most powerful and highest amp power capacity
• Longest life cycle
• With high cell compression and fiberglass mat separators, battery life is extended
• High level vibration resistance from extreme road conditions and engine abuse

Trontek after market completely matches the real batteries for performance, power and reliability. Different and distinct ranges are offered that include maintenance-free high performance, value regulated lead acid equipped batteries, etc. So, just buy our batteries and enjoy extended life time of your motorcycles.


Trontek motor cycle batteries are constructed with lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technlogy to provide you with "total maintainance - free" operation. No spills, No leaks, No water to check. this design will provide you with the most powerful, highest amp hour capacity, longest cycle-life product on the market. In addition, the fiberglass mat seperators and high cell compression extend battery life by delivering superior viberation resistance from engine abuse & extreme road conditions.

LT SERIES MODELS (Maintainance free batteries)

        Dimensions- Millimetres(2mm) Dimensions- Incheses(1/16in) Assembly Figure(As Per Cover Polarity) Terminal Type Weight Regular Charge Current  
Battery Type Nominal voltage Capacity(10Hr) Ah CCA @ F(-18C)A L W H L W H     Kg A View Details
LT 2.5-3 12 2.5 25 80 70 105 3 1/B 2 3/4 4 1/8     1.14 0.3 Click Here
EBZ 5-3 12 3.5 65 113 70 85 47/16   31/2   A 1.47 0.3 Click here
LT 5A-3 12 5 75 120 60 130 4 3/4 2 3/8 5 1/8   B 1.89 0.5 Click Here
LT 7D-3 12 7 90 146 60 130 5 3/4 2 3/8 5 1/8   B 2.39 0.7 Click here
LT 9A-4 12 9 120 135 75 139 5  5/16 2 15/16 5 1/2   B 3.09 0.9 Click Here