Lithium-ion Phosphate Storage Battery

Advanced chemistry. Superior Design.

Ultra-phosphate drives the mechanics of our Lithium-ion batteries, which results in low-voltage power & performance. Every component is a work of art that is tuned to work in harmony to give the user an unrivaled life cycle, charge and reliability.

Transform the experience



Storing energy for household uses that can fulfill requirements of the homes.



Like golf cars, bicycles caravans, forklift, boats and electric cars.


Remote Monitoring & sensor systems

Our energy storage solutions are ideal to power up remote monitoring and sensor systems.


Solar power storage

An ideal choice for solar storage applications in areas that are tied to the grid or are off-grid.

Safe & Environment friendly

Higher chemical and thermal stability of the battery ensures better safety characteristics. It contains no toxic elements.

5-star rating

Offers top-notch performance with super-fast charging.

Stable temperature

Thermally stable up to a wide range of operating temperatures.

Compact size, light weight

Higher energy density means more energy per volume hence are lightweight. They are almost half the size to the equivalent lead acid battery.

Longer life

Due to the high rate of discharge it gives more than 2000 cycles with 80% Depth of discharge.

Smart battery management

Equipped with Intelligent Battery Management System to monitor the status of the battery

Technical Specification

Model Capacity Dimension Terminal Weight Constant discharge current Pulse discharge current <2s Pulse discharge current 5ms-15ms Internal Resistance of a fully charged battery in 25C Maximum discharge current Recommended charge current Max charge current
TK L12-7.5 12.8V7.5AH 96Wh 151.5*65*94 T2 0.5 4A 15A 20A 50mΩ 7.5A <2A 5A
TKL12-15 12.8V15AH 192Wh 151*99*98 T2 1.5 8A 20A 40A <30mΩ 15A <4A 10A
TKL 12-25 12.8V25AH 320Wh 181*77*168 M5 3 15A 40A 70A <30mΩ 25A s5A 15A
TKL 12-80 12.8V80AH1024Wh 260*168*209 M6   40A 100A 200A <15mΩ 80A <16A 40A
TKL 12-105 12.8V105AH 1280Wh 330*171*216 M8 10.5 50A 120A 250A <8mΩ 100A <20A 50A
TKL 12-120 12.8V120AH 1536Wh 330*171*216   13 50A 120A 250A 8mΩ 100A s20A 50A
TKL 12-140 12.8V140AH1792Wh 406*173*236 M8 16 50A 120A 250A <10mΩ 100A 5.20A 50A
TKL 12-200 12.8V200AH 2560Wh 522*240*218 M8 20.36 50A 120A 250A <6mΩ 100A s20A 50A
TKL 24-120 24V120AH 2880Wh   M8   50A 120A 250A <20mΩ 100A s20A 50A
TKL 12-120 12.8V120AH1536Wli       50A 120A 210A <8mΩ 100A 520A 50A
TKL 24-12 25.6V12AH       GA 15A 30A <50mΩ 12A 53A 6A
TKL 12-120 B 12.8V120AH 1536Wh       50A 120A 250A <8mΩ 100A s20A 50A